Picking Up the Pace

I had planned to finish Week 6 of C25K earlier in the week, but I was still feeling a bit stiff and sore from last week’s impromptu 5K run so I decided to rest for a couple of days. And I’m glad that I did.

I had been looking forward to completing Week 6 for quite a while so, after a hard day at the office, I loaded up on pasta, got myself hydrated and headed out to Hove seafront for a non-stop 2.25 mile run… in the mist.

Things have been pretty nice here weather wise for the last week – warm and sunny, but not too hot, so I was a bit surprised to see the first signs of a sea mist coming in when I left work. Not that I minded. The air was nice and cool and, even though I couldn’t see more than half a mile in front of me by the time I hit the promenade, it was nice to run in the cool damp air.

My pace was pretty slow as usual, but I kept it steady, intending to save my energy for the final quarter mile. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really concentrating on the prompts from my RunKeeper app, so when I heard that I had done 1.75 miles, I picked up the pace, thinking that I only had another quarter of a mile to go.

When I realised my mistake, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have enough energy left to finish, so I slowed down again and focused on trying to relax my breathing. Luckily this seemed to work and I was able to gradually pick up the pace again for the first part the final quarter mile.

Of course, my increased pace didn’t see me through to the end as I was pretty exhausted by then, but I did achieve my best overall pace so far – 2.25 miles in 25:18 minutes works out at an average pace of 11.14 minutes per mile.

I know it’s more than three minutes over the recommended time for the distance according to C25K, but I’m more than happy with that. While the stats are a great motivator and give me something to push for, that feeling of being able to run and keep going is just amazing!


6 thoughts on “Picking Up the Pace”

    1. Thanks, I was pretty pleased with the run, although I think the increase in pace may have had something to do with the amount of coffee I drank at work in the afternoon… and possibly the pasta! 😉

  1. Great run! I finished the c25k program a few weeks ago, and am currently running between a 13 and 14 min/mile. So when you feel slow, just think of me. LOL. I’m okay with it, because just like with c25k – I am out there, and I’m doing it, and more time and more miles will help me speed up some day. I am really trying to be in it for the long haul this time. So a 13 min/mile right now – I’ll take it. Because it used to be a 20 min/mile. 🙂

    1. Thanks Val. It’s all about personal progress for me too. I look at people who can do sub 30 5Ks and think how unattainable that seems; but then I remember how I struggled to run for 60 seconds a few months ago! We may be slow compared to some, but we’re doing more than most people do. 😉
      Congratulations on finishing the program! 🙂

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