Picking Up From Where I Left Off

So, after three weeks of not being able to run, I finally put my trainers back on my feet and headed for the Hove seafront to pick up from where I left off… Week 6, Day 2.

It wasn’t easy, and it felt kind of strange to be running again. It took a while to find my rhythm and I struggled to regulate my breathing, but I managed to keep running for the first ten minute segment. And it felt amazing! Slow and awkward for the most part, but amazing nonetheless.

The second ten minute running segment didn’t go so well. I know that my fitness level will have dropped slightly after being out of action for the last three weeks, but I also think I may have lost some of my confidence.

While a few weeks ago, I would have pushed myself to keep going no matter what, this evening something was telling me to take it easy. Don’t over do it. Don’t get sick again. So I walked. Twice.

I would have liked to have completed the run properly and it is kind of annoying that I will have to repeat Week 6 Day 2; but I’m also pleased that I didn’t go back to Week 5, which would have meant repeating a whole lot more.

So, on Wednesday I’ll have another go and hopefully get back to the level I was at before. But no matter what happens or how long it takes, it’s great to be out there running again!

How is your training going? How do you get yourself back on track after illness or injury? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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