Sunday Sun And Shin Splints

It looks like summer has finally arrived, which is lovely if you want to laze around in the sun, but not so lovely if you want to run.

Being a fair skinned Scott, I’m really not a fan of hot weather. Warm and sunny, yes; hot and humid, not so much.

Still, I wasn’t going to let a bit of hot weather spoil my run yesterday. I got up early, drank plenty of water and then chose to run along the main street rather than the seafront so that I could at least stay in the shade. It was a straight run there and back and, apart from the fact that I sweated a bit more than usual, it was all pretty uneventful.

Despite taking the run slow and steady, however, I started to notice some pain in my shins. This is unusual for me as my aches and pains tend to fade as I run, but this was getting worse with each step. Not bad enough to stop me from running, but bad enough to make it feel uncomfortable.

My guess is that it’s shin splints, possibly caused by heel strikes or running on an uneven pavement. Not too serious at this stage, but it does mean that I should avoid running until they feel better.

I usually have Monday and Tuesday as rest days so hopefully it will have cleared up by Wednesday’s scheduled run. If not, I’ll have to wait, which is kind of annoying. But I guess that’s all part of being a runner, right?

How do you deal with shin splints? Do you keep running or take some rest until the pain clears up? What’s the best way to avoid them altogether? Please share your thoughts, ideas and tips in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Sun And Shin Splints”

  1. I’ve never had shin splints…but I have had knee problems from time to time. I have found out that “Ibuprofen is my friend” 🙂

  2. Shin splints SUCK! But don’t neglect them, they can wind up as stress fractures. I was actually hoping some of your other readers would have advice, because I don’t know any good tips. Ice can be soothing. A friend in the army who had them so bad she couldn’t run at all told me if she concentrated on walking heel to toe, it helped.

    1. They’re feeling a lot better after a couple of days of no running. I walk to and from work every day and so far no twinges. We’ll see what happens with tomorrow’s run. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  3. Is it at all possible that you could run on grass/dirt track? I found that while I was having some shin issues that I was fine when running on those surfaces 🙂 but most of all rest .. Sadly that threw my schedule out badly but I think it was worth it…

  4. I get shin splints, but not as badly if I do the C25K stretches (from their site) before I go. So far, so good, but I’m not as far as you on the schedule as you, either. My teen was in track this past spring and got them. Coach had him rest and ice them. I used the method my physical therapist had me use on my torn knee ligament for maxim depth of icing benefit. Get some styrofoam cups (I know they are evil, but this is worth it). Freeze water in a couple cups, leaving head room for water to expand. When frozen solid, tear off the bottom layer of styrofoam. Hold ice cup by styrofoam and rub the ice up and down on your sore shin line. Rub fairly quickly to prevent skin freezing. Do this until it feels deeply chilled than ho on to another “hot spot”. Keep a towel handy for the melted ice. Hope that helps!

      1. Nice! I just finished week 4 this morning. I’m glad you are giving your body breaks when it needs it and getting back into running as you are able. We’ll eventually get to running a 5K in one piece, I assume… 🙂

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