Week What?!

I always look forward to my Saturday morning runs. Saturdays mark the beginning of a whole new week of C25K, a new challenge of running for longer than ever before and, of course, I get to do it all before breakfast. Whatever happens for the rest of the day, at least I’ve got my run in.

I woke up later than usual this morning. I’m normally up sometime between six and seven at the weekend, which is great of you want to go out running before the streets start getting too busy. But this morning I overslept. Just a bit.

Sleeping late wasn’t too much of a big deal really. I just meant I got myself out the door quicker than I usually would without giving myself too much time to wake up properly.

The warm up walk soon woke me up and my usual morning stiffness soon began to fade. It felt good to be out in the sunshine. It was still fairly early so there weren’t too many people around, which is always a bonus for me.

I’d been looking forward to today’s run with slightly nervous anticipation. I’d been looking ahead on my C25K app at what I would have to do each week and discovered that I would have to run for a whole five minutes at one point. I’d never run for that amount of time before, but that’s the same every week and so far the app hadn’t given me anything that I couldn’t cope with, so I was feeling ok about it.

I started the first three minute section at a slow and steady pace. I try to avoid looking at how much time I have left and focus instead on small goals along the route like, I know I can make it as far as that next dustbin or by the time I get to those beach huts, it will be time to start walking. The trouble was, it didn’t happen. I passed the bins and reached the beach huts, but no one was telling me to stop running.

Reluctantly, I pulled my iPhone from my pocket to check that the app was still running. It was, but something wasn’t right. Instead of telling me I only had seconds to go, I discovered I had twenty five minutes left! And then I realised, I was running to Week 9!

The OCD part of me was really annoyed about this. I had messed up my schedule. The whole routine was now out of synch. I could turn start again from the start, but I had already run five minutes; I could scrap the whole run and start again tomorrow, but that would ruin my schedule; or I could keep going and try to adapt the run to make it as close as possible to what I was supposed to do today. So that’s what I did, kind of.

I decided to keep going and try to run for eight minutes, and then walk for two, run for three, walk for two and finish by running for five. And it worked! I ran for eight whole minutes without stopping and still had enough energy left to complete the session and do the final five minutes at the end.

It wasn’t the run that I had planned for but it did leave me feeling even better than I thought it would. If I can run for eight minutes, then the rest of this week is going to be  a breeze.

I guess mistakes like this happen for a reason. While I’m not going  to stray from the program again, what happened today has given me a well needed confidence boost. Even at this stage, I can run for much longer than I thought I could. And that feels great!


6 thoughts on “Week What?!”

  1. I’m getting ready to head out the door now for my W3D1 run…I’m feeling a little creaky this morning and I’m a also a little anxious about the 3 min run segments. Glad you had a great ‘unexpected’ run today!

  2. Great confidence boost!! that first 8 minutes of running straight…such a buzz when you realise you can do it!!
    I feel you with the OCD .. today I accidentally hit the wrong button on my app and skipped to the end of my run! Argh! I kept going with just the timer on my iPhone but still feel a bit shattered that my stats will be out on this one run…oh well!
    Still enjoying running and that’s what really counts!

    1. Lol! Those apps are great when they work, but so frustrating when they go wrong. How did the world cope without them? 😉
      You’re right of course. It’s enjoying the running that matters. 🙂

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