No Pain

Today marks the beginning of my third week of C25K and I’m still loving it!

I woke up early, which is quite normal for me, especially at the weekend. The only problem though, was that I had a pain in my right leg. It’s a pain that I am familiar with. I get it a lot and have had it for a long time, but this morning it was pretty bad, running from my hip right down my whole leg.

The pain has never been diagnosed. I’ve taken pain killers for it in the past, but the only thing that really helps is exercise. So, this morning’s run was motivated, not by making progress on C25K, but by getting rid of the pain in my leg.

It wasn’t even 7am when I headed out on my warm up walk to the seafront and by the time I reached the promenade the pain had almost gone. I took the run fairly easy, knowing that I would have to run for a whole three minutes without stopping, and I couldn’t believe it when I reached half way.

Ok, so I was going slowly and didn’t want to push myself too hard, but the jump from ninety seconds to three minutes wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I realised then that this program is not about running fast, it’s about running distance without stopping.

Three minutes wasn’t easy, but at the right pace, it felt good. Not just in my leg, which had totally eased off by the end of it, but in my whole body. I felt amazing. Physically, mentally and spiritually. And there was no pain.

In time, I will run faster. When it feels right, I will push myself harder. But for now, if running relieves the pain, then I want to run for as long as I can without stopping.

Are you doing C25K? Do you focus on running for speed or for distance? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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