Running In The Rain

Running Rain
Photograph by Antony Mayfield

It’s Saturday morning, which means it’s time to start Week 2 of C25K!

I’ve been looking forward to this run since Wednesday, partly because I’m starting to enjoy it, but mostly because it feels like I’m making progress.

After my last run, I felt that I was ready to step things up a gear and start running for longer intervals. An extra thirty seconds of running seemed achievable,  especially with an increase in the walking time, but still challenging enough. What I didn’t expect, however, was that I would be faced with the additional challenge of running in the rain.

As a Scot, I’m pretty used to rain and getting wet really doesn’t bother me, especially when I know that I can get home and dry off again in no time at all. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that I like being out in the rain, if it’s not too heavy.

This morning’s rain wasn’t too bad. Not much more than a heavy drizzle. But it was cold. My arms and hands were cold. I was wearing short sleeves, which probably didn’t help, but my only alternative was a hoody which I figured would end up making me feel too hot.

The good thing about this weather and lack of sensible running clothes, however, was that my warm up walk was more brisk than usual and, after my first ninety second run, I didn’t even feel the cold. I even stopped noticing that it was raining until the second half of the run when I had to remove my glasses to wipe off the water.

The run itself was pretty much what I expected. The run/jog part was harder than before and I really started to feel it towards the end. But it wasn’t as hard as this time last week, so I feel like I’m making good progress. And it’s good to know that, come rain or shine, I’ll be able to run. No excuses!

What are your thoughts on running in the rain? Do you prefer the heat and the sunshine, or a cool morning drizzle? Please share your thoughts, ideas and stories in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Running In The Rain”

  1. I actually enjoy running in the rain, you don’t get much choice here. You just have to accept it, you’re already warm through running (warming up in the rain is a pain though) and you keep nice and cool.

  2. Hi fellow C25Ker!
    I am also doing the Couch to 5K and had my first run in the rain…relentless, driving rain! Plus it was freezing cold! And I found myself smiling like a complete idiot because I was actually enjoying it! Never did I think I would say that! (I also didn’t think I’d ever run!)
    I think ultimately I would rather run in rain than on a 40degree day!

    1. Hey! Nice to meet you. It’s great how many people on WordPress are doing C25K… and loving it!
      I’m with you on not wanting to run when it’s really hot though. I don’t think my Scottish genes could take that! 😉

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