C25K: Reflections On Week 1

So, I completed the first week for C25K and it feels great! Even after only three short runs, which were more walking than running, I already feel fitter, stronger and healthier. But this week has been about more than just running. It is changing my attitude towards a whole load of things. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Food and Diet

My reasons for doing C25K are more to do with fitness than weight. In fact. my BMI is pretty much smack bang in the middle of normal and never seems to change. I put this down to the fact that I only really eat when I’m hungry. Some days, I don’t each much at all, while other times I seem to do nothing but eat. I’m lucky that my appetite tends to reflect levels of activity and that I have a good metabolism. However, now that I’m exercising, I seem to want to eat all the time.

This concerned me a little bit at first, as I don’t want to gain weight, but then I realised that I didn’t actually want to eat any of the usual rubbish that I like to indulge in. I don’t want to drink coke or snack on cakes and biscuits. They leave me feeling tired and sluggish. Instead, I’m craving fruit and pasta and cereal. I’m guessing this is no bad thing, but I also need to make sure that I learn more about nutrition to make sure that my eating and exercise work together.

2. Body Awareness

I’ve never really taken much notice of my body. I accept that some mornings I wake up stiff and sore, that some days I feel out of breath after walking to work, and that sometimes at the weekend I’m too tired to do anything. It’s just part of getting older, right?

Well, maybe a week ago that was true, but now I’m starting to pay more attention. I’m taking notice of the aches and pains in case I’ve injured myself, I’m aware of my breathing because leaning to breathe properly makes running easier, and I’m altering my lifestyle to make sure that I have enough energy to complete my runs. After all, 39 is not really that old!

3. Support Network

Having a support network of people to encourage and motivate you is not something that I have ever really bothered about. I live on my own, my family are hundreds of miles away and I don’t really have any close friends. On the whole, I’m a happy  hermit. I like to keep myself to myself and just get on with whatever I’m doing.

For some reason though, I told my colleagues at work that I was doing C25K and was surprised by how supportive and encouraging they were. Some of the younger people in my office are into exercising and they gave me some useful tips and advice, which was really nice.

4. On-line Community

But one of the best things I have discovered is an amazing on-line community of runners, joggers and bloggers who are willing to share their own fitness journeys and help and support others.

So, to all of you who read, follow or leave comments on this blog, thank you. It means so much to have your input and to share ideas and experiences. I have discovered some fantastic bloggers here, from C25K rookies to experienced runners, and it’s unbelievably inspiring! I love hearing your stories and following your journeys, so please feel free to leave a comment and tell me how you’re getting on.

See you tomorrow for the start of Week 2!


2 thoughts on “C25K: Reflections On Week 1”

  1. Sounds like we are in the same stage. Keep up the good work. I have set a personal goal to do a 5k in December; although, I will be ready in October, perhaps this will help you too. What are you wearing for shoes? My friends tell me after week one I should invest in a fitted running shoe.

    1. Hi. I’m aiming to run 5K in August. There’s a 5K park run not too far from where I live, so if I can stick with C25K I should be good to go.

      For shoes, I invested in a pair of Asics, which have been pretty comfortable so far. I’m told that getting the right shoes for your feet will help reduce the risk of injuries, so it’s definitely worth doing. 🙂

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